Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword

# Below is the trailer of "The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword for Wii". It was shown at E3 2010.

     # Nintendo has announced the new release of "The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword" at E3, an annual game information event in America on 15/06/2010.

     The platform is Wii, the release year is in 2011, and the price is undecided.


    (Motion system)

    • "Wii motion plus"function will be utilized well.

    • LINK has the sward on right hand, and the plate on left hand.

    • The player actually hand Wii remort controller on right hand as the sward, and nunchuck on left hand, as the shield.

    • The sword-swing degree changes responding to the controller move.

    • If we meet an enemy guarding its body by setting its weapon horizontal, we can defeat it by swinging the sword horizontally.

    • We can put out Wheel-slash by moving both the controller and nunchuck horizontally.

    • You can spring up something by pushing the nunchuck controller.

    • When you push B button, the item screen appears radially. You choose each item with the motion censor of Wii motion-plus.

    • You can also over-throw a bomb or roll one like bowling. The motion LINK takes is as same as your motion.

    • LINK rolls the sward and an eye follows the motion, and the door opens.


    • The screen quality is like "THE WIND WALKER", but the character visual is like "TWILIGHT PRINCES".

    • LINK has been lefty in ever works, but LINK is the right handed in this product. It seems because almost players are right handed.

     ( What LINK can do)

    • LINK can break trees, sign boards.

    • There is an new item, which looks like a beetle. LINK controls it and pick up items on far away from him.

    • LINK can splash beam from the tip of the sword when he puts up the sword.


     • This time LINK has been brought up in a island floating in the sky. He has thought nothing special about it, but one day he noticed another world under the island.

     • That world is a dangerous place the Evil control, and he starts to come and go between the island and under-world. A white character put on view at "Round table" last year is the human-form of the SKYWARD SWORD.

     • She teaches LINK various things. Her name is not decided.


    • The Chief, MIYAMOTO said " We had thought what kind of gear do we need for the sward and shield. And we arrived to the idea to apply Wii motion plus, and nunchuck controller. "

    • "We could make a development we has wanted to realize. For example, the player can use items immediately. And kind map system with which you are easy to search the dungeon."

    • "We went back to our starting point where everyone can enjoy the game again and again because it's the "Interesting game".

    You can see many pictures about this work from below site.